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5 December, 2023

MARNYS Increases Annual Contribution to Charities

MARNYS - Martinez Nieto S.A. has made its annual donation to several local nonprofit organizations, coinciding with the holiday season, a particularly challenging period for many financially disadvantaged families and vulnerable individuals.

This year, aware of the rising costs that have depleted the financial resources of these organizations, the natural dietary supplements and cosmetics laboratory has increased the amount of donations and advanced the delivery date compared to the previous year.

The president and founder of MARNYS - Martinez Nieto S.A., Mr. José Martínez Nieto, received representatives of the respective associations at MARNYS facilities in the Los Camachos Industrial Estate in Cartagena to hand over the donations. The organizations benefited this year are the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Caritas, the Home of the Good Samaritan Association, and Santa Teresa Hospitality.

Mr. José Martínez Nieto (third from the left) with representatives of the charitable organizations and the CSR manager of MARNYS-Martinez Nieto, S.A.
Mr. José Martínez Nieto (third on the right) with representatives of the charitable organizations and the CSR manager of MARNYS-Martinez Nieto, S.A.

The Crucial Role of Local Charities in Helping the Most Disadvantaged

Local charities play a fundamental role in our communities, providing vital support to the most disadvantaged. Their impact and relevance are incalculable, as they fill gaps that are often left unaddressed by government services.

These organizations work tirelessly to address a variety of social issues, from poverty and homelessness to social exclusion and inequality. Through their programs and services, they offer a safety net for those who need it the most:

These local charities not only provide immediate assistance but also work to address the underlying causes of inequality and social exclusion. Through their work, they aim to empower individuals to improve their lives in the long term.

"MARNYS Community" Program

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan, the "MARNYS Community" program includes actions aimed at socio-labor integration, support for the most disadvantaged groups, and the promotion of equal opportunities.

MARNYS - Martinez Nieto, S.A. is a company committed to CSR actions. These actions reflect the organization's commitment to sustainable development, business ethics, and social well-being.

Companies that adopt CSR not only seek economic benefit but also strive to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

This commitment to CSR is manifested in various forms, from donations to local charitable organizations, to the implementation of sustainable business practices, and the promotion of equal opportunities in the workplace.

CSR actions have always been and continue to be an integral part of the identity and strategy of MARNYS - Martinez Nieto, S.A.

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