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13 September, 2019


MARNYS® products are widely available in the Hungarian market

In addition to organic wholesalers and online shops, MARNYS® products are available in the Rossmann network and nearly 180-200 pharmacies

From the most advanced facilities in the southeast of Spain, MARNYS® manufactures and exports its wide range of natural products to over 60 countries worldwide. For more than 50 years, the variety of products marketed at international level has increased tremendously, adapting product formulations to the most demanding markets and regulations, including top innovative forms such as liquid vials monodose.

In Eastern Europe, it is becoming increasingly known that the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the pre-dissolved (liquid) form is higher, thus the Hungarian distributor of MARNYS® products - Aerosoft Kft, Budapest- has successfully introduced the liquid form/monodose products into the Hungarian market.

Health conscious consumers in Hungary are also typically environmentally aware, so they highly appreciate MARNYS® ecological footprint minimisation efforts. In Hungary, nutritional awareness is at an increasingly high level, thus the given freeness-demand-satisfying (lactose, gluten, eggs, peanuts, yeast, genetically modified ingredients or refined sugar), and the healthy ingredients of MARNYS® food supplements are unique in the Hungarian market. They are becoming more and more publicly known due to their quality proven by significant certificates and health declarations, as well as the innovation of the liquid form monodose vials.

As veganism is becoming more and more popular in Hungary as well, which is not only an eating habit but also a lifestyle that rejects all forms of exploitation of animals, MARNYS® vegan range of products represents a real added value in the Hungarian food supplement market.

MARNYS®’s most significant values to the Hungarian market are the benefits of the healthy ingredients of their products, the premium quality of raw materials, the innovative liquid form vials and the introduction of vitamin formulations into the Hungarian market for the first time.

Future goals for MARNYS® in Hungary include the aim to expand its product portfolio, including a range of bio and vegan products such as the gemmoterapeutic formulation for detoxification, as well as the newly developed MARNYS® Sports Line, being lactose and gluten-free (occasionally vegan), in order to be in line with Hungarian consumers increasingly aware of leading a healthy lifestyle.


For more information visit www.marnys.hu