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27 December, 2022

MARNYS gives its annual donations to local charities

  • This Christmas, MARNYS – Martínez Nieto S.A. has increased its contributions compared to last year.
  • Within its CSR programme ‘MARNYS Community’, the Cartagena-based company maintains a constant support to associations and projects helping families and people with limited resources.

Donaciones solicarias MARNYS

MARNYS Founder Mr. José Martínez Nieto (centre) with representatives of the charity organisations.

MARNYS – Martínez Nieto S.A. has handed over its annual donations to different non-profit associations in their local community, coinciding with Christmas time, a particularly difficult period for many families and for the most vulnerable population.

This year, being aware of the increase in costs that has impacted the associations financial resources, MARNYS has increased the amount of the donations and has brought forward the date of the delivery, compared to last Christmas.

The president and founder of MARNYS – Martínez Nieto S.A., José Martínez Nieto, delivered the respective donations to the representatives of the charities: Hermanitas de Los Pobres, Cáritas, Asociación Hogar el Buen Samaritano, and Hospitalidad Santa Teresa.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme ‘MARNYS Community’, the laboratory carries out actions aimed at social and labour integration, as well as support for the most disadvantaged groups.

These specific donations will go to support the work of these organisations. Cáritas, among other activities, develops programmes for people in situations of social exclusion; Asociación Hogar el Buen Samaritano helps people in need, with activities such as the distribution of food, clothes, hygiene products and medicines, as well as helping people without resources to find work; the Congregación de las Hermanitas de los Pobres is at the service of the elderly in need; and the Hospitalidad Santa Teresa is a charitable and lay institution that provides shelter for homeless, socially excluded and vulnerable people, to cover their basic needs for rest, food and hygiene.