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22 June, 2020

MARNYS donates 1,500 kg of staple food for families in Cartagena.

  • The company has organized a new campaign to collect food that has been delivered to the Department of Social Services at the City of Cartagena in which its whole staff has been involved.
  • The solidarity initiative is complemented by the collection of 1,200 euros through a solidarity account for the organizations Red Cross and Caritas.
  • The company has significantly increased its contributions in order to help relieve the shortages caused by the health crisis.

donación MARNYS

MARNYS delivers food and staple products to the municipal social emergency system of the Department of Social Services in the City of Cartagena.

MARNYS® - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A., has made a donation of more than 1,500 kg of non-perishable food, hygiene and basic needs products, which have been delivered to the municipal social emergency system of the Social Services Department at the City of Cartagena.

This is a campaign to collect food and donations promoted by the company in which all its staff has been involved. Everything donated by its employees has been increased exponentially by the company itself for subsequent donation.

This initiative also includes the donation of 1,200 euros to the NGOs of Cartagena, the Red Cross and Cáritas, which will be divided among them in equal parts. The amount, collected through a solidarity account opened for the members of the company, has also been increased by the company.

It is the second time in less than 4 months that MARNYS® - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. contributes to the needs of the local community with the delivery of more than 600 kg of staple products to Cáritas last February.

The company has increased significantly the amount of money collected by their employees.

These actions are intended to help alleviate the shortage that may be suffering many families in Cartagena that have worsened their difficult economic situation after the health crisis. 

MARNYS® - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. has delivered staple foods such as pasta, legumes, milk, preserves or preparations for children, as well as hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo or gel.

Throughout the pandemic by Covid-19, this company of food supplements and certified natural cosmetics has been committed to wellness and health. Besides these solidarity actions, this company donated sanitary protection material to the Servicio Murciano de Salud last March, with more than 120,000 units of masks, gloves, caps, white coats and shoe covers. Also, the delivery of about 4,000 facial protection screens to health professionals and frontline workers with the use of an e-mail to receive requests and deliver the screens free of charge, while stocks last.

MARNYS® - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. is a leading laboratory in the industry of food supplements and certified natural cosmetics, and among their product lines there is a wide range of products for strengthening the immune system, being one of the most important manufacturers of royal jelly and propolis-based products in Europe. 

The company from Cartagena has a history of more than fifty years, with a wide international presence in more than 60 countries, and is in compliance with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, with the most demanding health certifications from all over the world.