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13 September, 2018

MARNYS® celebrates 50 years of innovation and natural quality

The Spanish multinational is in the lead of companies dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and export of natural products, with presence in more than 60 countries.

Historia Marnys
Evolution of the MARNYS® - MARTINEZ NIETO S.A. facilities in Spain, since the 80's with the first factory on La Palma road in Cartagena, the 90's in La Guía (Cartagena) and the current building in Pol. Los Camachos (Cartagena) since 2014.


The company MARTINEZ NIETO S.A., which commercializes its products under the brand MARNYS®, began its trajectory on August 30, 1968 with a bottling plant for honey and bee pollen. Half a century later, it is one of the three main manufacturers of products based on royal jelly and propolis in the world, and the largest manufacturer of drinkable vials in Europe.

MARNYS® is headquartered in the southeast of Spain, in the city of Cartagena, where it has one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the natural nutrition and organic cosmetics industry, as well as one of the most complete and modern laboratories in the field within Europe. By 2019 they will have expanded their facilities to more than 23,000 m² from where they manufacture nearly 400 products that they market in 60 countries.



The innovation and quality of its products have given MARNYS® - MARTINEZ NIETO S.A. national and international recognition.

Its quality and food safety standards and facilities far exceed the most demanding health standards in the world. Thus, they have Certifications such as GMP of Good Manufacturing Practices; ISO 9001:2015; IFS Food; COSMOS Seals for Bio cosmetic products; Registration and Validation of the FDA of the USA or the AEO certification, seal of confidence of the customs authorities, among many others.


Directiva Marnys
Mr. José Martinez Nieto, President and Founder and Roberto Martinez Moeckel, Managing Director.


Because of the firm commitment to R+D+I, the 50th anniversary of MARNYS® is also marked by the launch of two new business lines that arrive with a renewed impulse adapted to the needs of the market.

This is how the Bio certified cosmetics line, Beauty In & Out and the Sports Nutrition line MARNYS SPORTS® are born, both under the philosophy of offering natural products synonymous with quality, excellence and innovation.