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22 November, 2022

María Esther García de la Cruz, Biochemical Pharmacist and Specialist in Essential Oils

Graduated in Pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid, nutritionist, and biochemist, specialized in macro and orthomolecular nutrition. She is the manager of Tu Farma Nutrition Centers in Leganés, Madrid (Community of Madrid). Additionally, she is a specialist in essential oils, an area she is passionate about and helps to promote safe and effective usage for their numerous benefits.

Biochemical pharmacist, and specialist in essential oils.
Graduated in Pharmacy.
Nutritionist and biochemist (specialized in macro and orthomolecular nutrition).


María Esther García

We spoke with María Esther García de la Cruz to learn her healthy advice and recommendations.

1. Due to your professional trajectory, do you think we are becoming more aware of healthy habits and the importance of taking care of ourselves inside and out?

I believe that nowadays older people are the most aware, as they experience the deficiencies that come with age. Practically from the moment they start feeling the first discomforts, they become much more vigilant about their habits and lifestyle. They are more concerned about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and complementing it with dietary supplements that help them achieve a better quality of life.

2. Have you noticed a growing trend in the consumption of dietary supplements and natural products in your pharmacy? What is the most requested?

The demand for dietary supplements in Spain varies depending on the time of year. For example, in spring and autumn, which are periods of asthenia, there is usually a demand for energy supplements, as well as natural ingredients that help to improve sleep, such as melatonin, or to balance the sleep-wake circadian rhythm; normalize mood, etc. In winter, there is a high demand for supplements with royal jelly or propolis. And throughout the year, vitamins and multivitamin supplements are requested.

3. Which dietary supplements and natural cosmetics do you usually recommend on a day-to-day basis? Why do you recommend MARNYS®?

I usually recommend all of the MARNYS dietary supplements because it is undeniable that they have pharmaceutical rigor and very high quality that I fully trust. For me, it is very important to ensure that I provide value and facilitate the person in solving the situation they are going through. That is why recommending MARNYS to me is "backing a winning horse."

I recommend MARNYS' line of chemotyped essential oils for their high quality and because they are also food grade.

From MARNYS' natural cosmetics line, I am an absolute fan of rosehip oil and jojoba oil.

4. In addition to being a pharmacist, you are a specialist in essential oils. How did this interest arise and how did you become an expert in this field?

After working for many years in a pharmacy, I noticed that there are people who have to take more and more medication, and I believe that many pathologies could be prevented or better managed with a healthier lifestyle. And here is where I believe that the natural options available to us play a fundamental role.

In my opinion, essential oils are something exceptional that nature provides us with and that offer us many benefits, in addition to having many different uses. Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, topically, and even for oral consumption.

5. Which essential oils are most present in your daily life and which ones are most in demand in your pharmacy?

Currently, I observe that the most requested essential oils are those that can help facilitate emotional balance, maintain tranquility, promote relaxation and rest, etc.

For example, lavender essential oil, some citrus oils like mandarin, lemon, or grapefruit. I also recommend other essential oils that, in my opinion, are essential such as myrrh essential oil or Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

For use in aromatherapy, the Synergy Collection line is fantastic, as it already combines Relax essential oils, energizing ones, or purifying ones.

6. Lastly, knowing that the digital environment is growing with many online pharmacies and parapharmacies, what challenges do you think physical pharmacies and parapharmacies will have to face in the coming years?

The internet is obviously taking up space and the younger generations - and society in general - have these tools that are very useful in their daily lives. Physical pharmacies and parapharmacies cannot ignore this reality and must live in the present and try to stay updated with any future developments that may arise.

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