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20 April, 2023

Ginecoil introduces a new format and applicator for more effective and long-lasting intimate hydration

  • It is an internal and external vaginal moisturizer formulated with 100% natural ingredients that provide smoothness and protection.
  • The new format with applicator was presented during a meeting at the CrysDyaz&Co center, where they successfully use MARNYS products in their SaludFem unit.
  • Personal trainer, physiotherapist, and MARNYS ambassador Crys Dyaz, and writer and film director Mabel Lozano, shared their advice for intimate care for women of all ages.

Madrid, April 19, 2023 - MARNYS® - Martínez-Nieto S.A., specialist in natural dietary supplements and cosmetics, has presented the new format with applicator for its vaginal moisturizer Ginecoil.

This moisturizer is formulated with certified 100% natural ingredients and provides smoothness and protection to the intimate area. "It can be used both internally and externally, and now, to facilitate internal application, we have incorporated a convenient applicator that allows the gel to be in contact with the internal vaginal mucosa for a longer time, thus guaranteeing more effective and long-lasting hydration," explains Vanesa Paredes, pharmaceutical technical director for cosmetics and hygiene products at MARNYS.

Among the natural ingredients of this vaginal moisturizer, hyaluronic acid is highlighted, a powerful active ingredient that helps maintain hydration and elasticity in the area while protecting the mucosa against possible bacterial colonization.

Although vaginal dryness is often associated with menopause, it can occur at any age and be caused by various factors such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, stress, diabetes, or oncological treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These factors can contribute to dryness, causing discomfort and/or pain, as well as reducing the vagina's protection against pathogens1”.

Crys Dyaz and Mabel Lozano share advice for intimate care at any age

With this purpose, MARNYS has brought together Crys Dyaz, personal trainer, physiotherapist, and ambassador of #MARNYSBalancedWoman; and Mabel Lozano, writer, and film director, at the "En la intimidad (In Intimacy)" event, held on Wednesday, April 19, at the CrysDyaz&Co sports center in Madrid.

Accompanied by specialist in pelviperineology María Peláez, they addressed the importance of intimate care in different stages of a woman's life, from youth or the "reproductive age," through pregnancy and postpartum, to menopause. They all agreed on the importance of paying attention to the hydration and protection of the vaginal area.

In the words of Crys Dyaz, "we tend to think that vaginal dryness is something exclusive to menopause and it is not, it can affect women of any age and appear in moments of hormonal changes or stress. To cope with it, " she adds, "we know that hyaluronic acid provides hydration and helps maintain the integrity of the mucosa."

In the case of Mabel Lozano, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and with the publication of her book "Te invito a un mojito", she has brought visibility to the consequences of treatment that are not talked about, such as vaginal dryness. 

Pelvic Flow, the importance of activating the pelvic floor

During the meeting, the importance of pelvic floor work to tone this musculature was also explained. To train it, María Peláez, specialist in pelviperineology and director of the Salud Fem team at CrysDyaz&Co, explained that "you can combine a functional training routine where you work in synergy with the pelvic floor muscles, being aware at all times of the elements of the area and how they are activated."

The attendees were able to put these tips into practice with a Pelvic Flow class, functional training and toning.

In addition to the directed classes, at the SaludFem unit of CrysDyaz&Co, various MARNYS supplements are successfully used for the integral well-being of women, such as Ginecoil, the MARNYS Rosa Mosqueta Regenerating Oil, Condrohelp, which promotes osteoarticular area and connective tissues, or Cistomar Forte, for the integral well-being of the urinary system.

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