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MARNYS gifts for Mother’s Day

MARNYS gifts for Mother’s Day

Published: 6 May, 2019 - Updated: 4 April, 2024 | 2'

Are you looking for a personalised gift for Mother’s Day? We suggest you some gift ideas based on 100% MARNYS® Natural Quality products which are perfect to give to the most important woman in our lives.

Pamper your mother from head to toe!

Here's a selection of products for hair, body, hands and nails, and feet. A complete care that will make her feel special, young and beautiful on the inside and the outside. Choose the products you like the most and you’ll have got for Mother's Day a perfect gift based on top quality natural products by MARNYS®.


Coconut oil: the natural conditioner for dry and frizzy hair

MARNYS® 100% vegetable coconut oil leaves the hair easy to comb, flexible, soft and shiny. It is a perfect natural conditioner, ideal for unruly or frizzy hair. In addition, coconut oil isn’t only used for hair. It has traditionally been used to facilitate the tanning of the skin in summer, always combined with sunscreen. What else can one ask for?

Jojoba oil: sebum regulator for greasy hair

MARNYS® Jojoba Oil is the most suitable oil for greasy hair, as it penetrates easily leaving your hair easy to comb, soft and shiny. Like baobab oil and coconut oil, jojoba oil can also be used for skin, including the facial skin. Jojoba oil restructures the fatty balance and protects the skin from premature ageing.


Tanned skin with Marnys Carrot Oil

MARNYS® 100% Vegetable Carrot Oil for your body has got light and fluid texture. It’s perfect to combine with your sunscreen and enhance your tanning this summer. With Beta-carotene and plant sterols, carrot oil helps prevent the signs of ageing and improve the appearance and tone of dry, flaked or damaged skin, restoring skin’s elasticity.

ORGANIC rosehip, argan and marigold (calendula) shea butter: get rid of striae and wrinkles!

MARNYS® ORGANIC rosehip, argan and marigold shea butter regenerates, soothes and moisturises the skin. It is perfect for improving the appearance of scars, striae and wrinkles. This shea butter can be used before makeup to achieve a more moisturised and radiant skin. Free of parabens, colours or synthetic perfumes. Marnys Shea Butters are 100% natural, organic and are handcrafted under Fair Trade standards.


BEAUTY IN & OUT ELIXIR: Young looking skin thanks to Hydrolysed Collagen

MARNYS® BEAUTY IN & OUT ELIXIR is a drinkable supplement that helps you achieve healthy, youthful looking skin, hair and nails. This is part of the drinkable cosmetics’ universe because it’s a supplement in the form of vials with Hydrolysed Collagen Type I, which provides a luminous, firm and elastic skin, hyaluronic acid, grape seeds and vitamins. The natural ingredients nourish from the inside, for the effects to be seen on the outside.


Organic Foot Repair Cream

MARNYS® ORGANIC foot repair cream is the ideal moisturising treatment for repairing dry, cracked feet and heels. With a non-greasy texture, this cream is rapidly absorbed and is made with an exceptional combination of natural and biological ingredients that protect and nourish the skin naturally. It is an ideal daily care cream to deeply repair calluses and hardened skin.