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Essential oils and aromatherapy to customize your home.

Essential oils and aromatherapy to customize your home.

Published: 22 June, 2020 - Updated: 19 October, 2020 | 4'

That teleworking is here to stay is increasingly clear. In the lack of concrete data on how the pandemic has impacted on this form of employment, the fact is that since the end of 2019 there has been a growing tendency towards non-presential work. A study carried out by Adecco in Spain shows that 7.9% of the total number of employed people in the last quarter of 2019 had already taken advantage of this form of employment to a greater or lesser extent. This percentage, which may seem small and has been largely exceeded after the outbreak of the pandemic, is, however, a historical high ever reached in Spain. 

Turning our home into an office has forced us to adapt spaces in order to differentiate our work area from those dedicated to relaxation or leisure. Limiting space, keeping order, taking care of ergonomics, choosing the right light or avoiding noise may be useful for turning any room of your home into an office.

How can you use aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy essential oils were already used in ancient Egypt, China or by Native Americans to help with their physical or emotional wellbeing. For this reason, aromatherapy uses essential oils from aromatic plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and fruits.  

One of the main advantages of this technique is that we can choose specific essential oils to get those effects we are looking for. Thus, in general, the most common uses of these essential oils would be

  • Relaxing, such as the essential oils of lavender, camomile, jasmine, incense and myrrh, orange, mandarin or ylang-ylang. 
  • Revitalizing, by using essential oils such as lemon, grapefruit seed, cinnamon, juniper, vanilla, geranium or rosemary.
  • Stimulants, such as mint and eucalyptus essential oils.

The proper choice of different essential oils will allow us to adapt the different rooms in our home and to create special atmospheres that help us to carry out our work or  to get a quality rest.


Turns the office into a concentration area 

The aroma of essential oils, therefore, may help us to customize the different rooms of the home to separate, precisely, the times dedicated to the work activity of those employed to relax or rest.

A stimulating synergy such as Synergy Energy, which combines 100% ORGANIC, pure and natural essential oils of Orange, Ylang-Ylang, Litsea and Lemon, will help you recharge your batteries when you sit at your desk. It provides a fruity and stimulating aroma to recover vitality in periods of physical or mental fatigue.

You may also use this energizing synergy to take an aromatic and invigorating bath, when your body requests you to be active. Use it in your aromatherapy bath or add between 3 and 6 drops of Synergy Energy in the bath.


Get the most relaxing atmosphere in your living room

After a hard working day, whether you are coming back from the office or have been teleworking at home, your body is demanding a relaxing moment. 

The 100% ORGANIC, pure and natural essential oils of Lavandin, Orange, Tangerine, Camphor and Marjoram that Synergy Relax combines are perfect for enveloping the living room of your house, the bedroom or the living room, in an atmosphere of calm and harmony, ideal to reduce stress and anxiety.

You may also use this Relax synergy to accompany you during an aromatic and relaxing bath at the end of the day to make it easier to fall asleep before going to sleep. You can either use Synergy Relax in your aroma diffuser in the bathroom or directly put 3 - 6 drops of the essential oil mixture in the bath.

Aromaterapia baño


Your whole home, without bad smells, purified and keeping away insects

Something in common that we will want for all the rooms in our home is that they are free of bad smells, such as tobacco, food smell, closed, etc. And even more so at this time when it is more recommended to air the rooms and make the environment as clean as possible. Therefore, a purified atmosphere around us is essential. Can we achieve this with essential oils?

The 100% ORGANIC, pure and natural essential oils of Citrus, Rosemary, Clove and Mint used in the Synergy Purify, leaving it free of bad odours, giving any room a refreshing aroma with a cleansing effect.

And what happens now that summer is coming and the feared insects, such as mosquitoes, appear?

Made with 100% ORGANIC essential oils, pure and natural Citronella, Eucalyptus Lemon and Geranium, Synergy Repell provides a pleasant aroma with a touch of citrus and an ideal atmosphere to keep insects away. 

These synergies of 100% ORGANIC, pure and natural essential oils from the Synergy Collection aromatherapy line are perfectly complemented by the USB Ultra-nebulising Aroma diffuser, for easy use in any room with no need to carry an aroma diffuser that requires water or dilution and that can even be used cold.

Do you know the USB ultra nebulizer diffuser?

USB Ultra-nebulising Aroma diffuser is a simple device that is connected to a USB port, such as a mobile phone connector in a wall socket. Essential oils are directly placed into the diffuser with no need to dilute them. The device spreads the essential oils in very fine micro-drops and in approximately 10 minutes the air is enveloped in aromatic molecules that cover surfaces of up to 30m². The essential oils stay in the air for longer, preserving their properties to create the atmosphere you want.