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30 March, 2020

The Kilimanjaro Solidarity Challenge 2020 finishes its mission.

The solidarity expedition to Kilimanjaro sponsored by MARNYS® reaches Gilman's Point at 5,695m, just under 150m from the top of Africa, and helps local communities in Tanzania.

The athletes of the 'Kilimanjaro Solidarity Challenge 2020' who set off in early March with the aim of reaching the summit of the mythical African mountain, have finished their adventure in which they have been supported by MARNYS SPORTS® sports nutrition supplements at all times.

The expedition managed to reach one of the highest peaks of the mythical mountain, Gilman's Point at 5,695 metres. A heavy snowfall hours before starting the ascent to Uhuru Peak (5,845m), with the resulting risk of avalanches, prevented them from reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with their Mountain Bikes, remaining just under 150 metres from reaching the so-called 'roof of Africa'.

However, the most important aim with which the athletes set out was achieved: the solidarity aim. During their stay in Tanzania, they worked with the Tuleeni orphanage in Moshi and the Arusha Bike Centre Association, which provides children in the area with bicycles to go to school.

Thanks to this action and the contribution of the sponsoring companies such as MARNYS®, do their bit to improve the life of the communities in the northwest of Tanzania.

More pictures and information about their adventure can be seen on their Instagram account @kilimanjarosolidario.

Marnys Lilimanjaro
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