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Dry nose skin, how to moisturize it?

Dry nose skin, how to moisturize it?

Published: 11 July, 2023 - Updated: 26 October, 2023 | 3'

The skin of the nose is very thin and highly irrigated, both by blood vessels and nerves. For this reason, any external aggression, no matter how mild, can affect the integrity of the skin. The sensation will be of tightness, scaling, and irritation.

Why does the skin of the nose dry out?

The main causes of nasal dryness can be mechanical or environmental. Both produce the same outcome: dehydration and loss of the functional barrier of the skin. Let's see some of them:

Nose irritated by the use of tissues

The mechanical friction of repeatedly blowing or cleaning the nose with rough tissues can damage the skin around the nose. This can cause scaling and dryness.

The climate

The climate is an important factor, as cold and dry air, as in winter, can dry out the skin of the entire face, especially around the nose and mouth, due to the reduction of humidity in the air. If we do not have proper skin protection, with moisturizing and nourishing creams, the skin around the nose can dry out and flake.

Heating or air conditioning

Air conditioning can also cause dryness in the skin of the nose. This is because the cold and dry air emitted by the air conditioning unit removes the warm and humid air from the room. This creates dry environments by reducing the humidity of the air, which can reduce the hydration of the nasal skin.


During aging, the skin loses elasticity, firmness, and moisture, and the skin around the nose is not exempt from this process. Since the skin in this area is thinner, it can dry out more easily and flake, causing irritation.

Other causes of skin dryness in the nose

Other factors that can cause dryness of the skin in general and also of the nasal skin are dehydration due to not drinking enough fluids, the use of facial soaps that do not provide a suitable pH for the skin, the use of very hot water to wash the face, or prolonged sun exposure, among others.

How to prevent dryness in the skin of the nose?

The main recommendations to avoid dryness in the nose are:

Irritated nose using tissues

  • Drink enough fluids or eat enough fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated on the inside.
  • Keep the skin of the nose hydrated. It is recommended to use moisturizing products, such as nose care balms, especially in winter.
  • Avoid excessive use of air conditioning and heating to maintain a good level of humidity in the room.
  • Good facial cleansing habits. It is recommended to use warm water and facial soaps with a neutral pH to avoid drying out the skin. Then apply moisturizing products that maintain a good level of facial moisture, such as vegetable cosmetic oils.
  • Limit the use of paper tissues. It is recommended to use cotton tissues as they are softer and absorb moisture better than paper, which helps to keep the nose dry and irritation-free. Likewise, in some cases, it may be recommended to blow your nose with a damp tissue, as it reduces mechanical rubbing and discomfort.
  • Use sunscreen. The nasal skin area is very sensitive to radiation, so always use sunscreen throughout the year to prevent dry and flaky areas.

How to repair dry nose skin

If your nose skin is already showing signs of dryness, there are specially designed balms to soothe itching and irritation and improve hydration of the nose skin.

BioAtopic Nose and Lips to moisturize and repair dry nose

BioAtopic Nose and Lips is an intensive repairing balm, dermatologically tested, that regenerates, protects, and soothes the nose and lips. It contains only natural ingredients, which have been shown to be effective in skin regeneration in just 5 days.2

Bioatopic Nose and Lips is formulated with argan, castor, and shea butter, which provide fatty acids or lipids that nourish and help maintain hydration. It also contains vitamin E and dragon's blood that promote the protection and regeneration of the nose skin.

It has a quickly absorbed texture that does not leave a sticky feeling, a pleasant strawberry scent, and a convenient size for transport to always carry in your purse or backpack.

This repairing balm for nose and lips is perfect for the whole family, as it is suitable for children from the age of 3. It can be used daily as many times as necessary.