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22 November, 2022

Dr. Yaiza Acosta Chinea, Sports Physician and Nutritionist

In addition to practicing as a sports physician and nutritionist, she also uses her social media platforms @dra_saludable to promote healthy eating habits. Learn about her career and health recommendations.

Dr. Yaiza Acosta Chinea

Dr. Yaiza Acosta Chinea @dra_saludable
Sports Physician

  • Graduated in medicine and surgery.
  • Specialist in physical and sports medicine.
  • Master’s in applied nutrition and dietetics.

At the age of 17, she began studying Medicine at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) and completed it at the University of Carabobo (Valencia, Venezuela). She then specialized in Community and Family Medicine, working in various health centers.

In addition to her vocation, Dr. Acosta has always been strongly influenced by the movie “Patch Adams”, due to the importance of being a compassionate doctor capable of helping patients understand their conditions, their nature, and how to work together to improve and prevent others: “Through the practice of medicine, I discovered my passion for working with the musculoskeletal system, and I believed that there should be more preventive than curative physicians. That’s why I specialized in Physical and Sports Medicine, and pursued a Master’s in Nutrition and Applied Dietetics for Sports.”

We spoke with Dr. Acosta to learn more about her career and her recommendations for healthy habits.

1. Through your daily consultations as a physician and your social media posts, you work to raise awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle. Why do you believe it is important to make health advice and information visible and accessible to the public?

Spreading awareness is crucial because many diseases and conditions are the result of our lifestyle choices, and they can be prevented, modified, and cured. That’s why I try to emphasize the importance of prevention over cure.

2. In your opinion, what is the most important healthy advice that everyone should follow?

That diet is adaptable and exercise can be tailored to our needs and limitations. This is what I aim to teach in my consultations.

3. Through your healthy recipes, you highlight the role of nutrition in maintaining good health. What ingredients or foods do you consider essential in a healthy diet?

A varied and balanced diet is what I promote, based on the Mediterranean diet, while reducing sugar intake. I prioritize the consumption of natural foods (unprocessed and unpackaged), including red meats, fish, legumes, vegetables, tubers, fruits, and even homemade pastries.

4. What dietary advice do you consider essential for athletes in particular?

Athletes, especially elite athletes, have specific nutritional needs that differ from those who don’t engage in intense physical activity.

If you’re an athlete, you need to ensure you consume all macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), hydrate properly, and potentially supplement depending on the intensity of your training.

5. Do you recommend supplements to athletes? What supplements do you recommend and why?

Yes, I often recommend supplements, but always on an individual basis, taking into consideration a person’s diet, their specific sporting activity, and whether they have any injuries or conditions.

For example, I recommend Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, iron, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, curcumin, caffeine, L-carnitine, BCAAs, lyophilized protein, creatine, Q10, magnesium, collagen, and others.

I also recommend essential oils for massages.

6. Do you recommend any dietary supplement from MARNYS®?

Of course, I recommend the ones that I personally consume. In winter, my favorites are the Vitamin D from Vitahelp, liposomal VIT-C 1,000, Melatovit, and Condrohelp.

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