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10 March, 2022

Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes, doctor and disseminator

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is the author of numerous books and a health disseminator on Radio and Television. Known for his participation for nearly twenty years in the programme 'Saber Vivir' on TVE.

Doctor Luis Gutiérrez Serantes, médico y divulgador - MARNYSDr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes is one of the most popular doctors in Spain due to his involvement as a health disseminator in the media. In addition to his dedication to his patients, Dr. Gutiérrez Serantes is an example of empathy, close treatment, and professionalism, bringing health to thousands of people's homes.

We look back at his career and ask him about different natural health issues:

1. Throughout your professional career, you have combined healthcare work with media work. What does it mean to you to be able to transmit healthy lifestyle habits to the population, answer queries and give health advice?

It is essential that the human being, individually, has sufficient knowledge to put into practice healthy lifestyle habits. A few years ago, the WHO laid the foundations for a good quality of life: healthy eating, daily exercise, and good hydration, two and a half litres of water a day.

Daily media consultation helps thousands of people to prevent diseases, to treat their pathologies in a natural way and to instil in them that health depends to a large extent on our individual healthy habits.

I feel great satisfaction when I receive gratitude from people who have improved because of my advice.

2. Why is this work important? Do you think the general population 'takes care of itself'? What healthy habits would you say people struggle with the most?

Because developing my work as a doctor in the media is like teaching in a health school, where people can acquire healthy lifestyle habits and put them into practice, in order to prevent diseases.

Many people know what they should do to prevent disease: reduce salt intake, hydrate, walk 45 minutes a day or limit saturated fat intake. But they don't, so hearing what they should be doing every day helps.

3. How do you combine consulting and media work at the same time?

It is true that a great part of my day is devoted to media work, because years ago, I realised that I could help a large number of people to acquire healthy lifestyle habits through radio, television, health magazines and by writing self-help books.

4. A varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle can be complemented with food supplements. Depending on the individual's vitality and goals, the right supplement is chosen and can be adjusted according to the body's reaction.

You are aware of the benefits of the many natural ingredients contained in food supplements. Which food supplements do you most frequently recommend to your patients?

There are some active ingredients that I consider particularly important in food supplements, those that promote cardiovascular and neurological wellbeing, such as Omega 3. There are also others that facilitate joint mobility, such as turmeric, nettle and devil's claw.

Obesity is another very serious health problem in Spain. It must be tackled with proper nutrition and exercise, possibly complemented with food supplements.

Other products in demand are those containing antioxidants including coenzyme Q10, a natural antioxidant in our body that is involved in the control of cellular ageing. This can be used to achieve a biological age lower than the chronological age.

I could go on and on, as the list is extremely long.

5. You have spoken about Marnys on several occasions and recommended our food supplements. Why do you recommend them? Which ones do you use in your daily life?

That's right, I do it because I trust them completely, as they have certificates that guarantee their quality.

Also, behind each Marnys food supplement there is a work developed by great professionals in the world of health, all backed by the best manufacturing practices, IFS and GMP.

On the other hand, the catalogue of products is very broad. This makes it easier for professionals to prescribe food supplements which, together with a balanced diet and an appropriate lifestyle, contribute to good health.

And finally, it is a leading Spanish company that employs many people, is committed to quality, research, and innovation. It is also extremely respectful of the environment, ensuring that our common home, the Earth, continues to be a blue and cleaner planet every day.

Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes

Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he trained at the Doce de Octubre University Hospital. He has combined his work as a primary care doctor with health communication in the media.

Professional career 

Doctor and medical manager 

He began his professional career at Sanitas, first as an emergency and primary care doctor. Later, he held management positions as head of the Primary Medicine Area, organising the Sanitas Continuing Medical Care Service, and participating in the creation of the company's first Home Care Units.

Medical communication and the media

In addition to his management and healthcare work, Dr. Gutiérrez Serantes began to get involved in medical outreach activities, aware of the importance of helping and teaching the population, transmitting healthy lifestyle habits for the prevention of illnesses.

In this way, his media activities include the following:

  • In the press, he directed and coordinated the Centro de Salud section of the national magazine "Muy Saludable".
  • In Spain's main radio stations, he has collaborated with Cadena Cope, Cadena SER, Onda Cero and Radio Nacional de España. He is currently a regular contributor to Sol Radio, Onda Madrid and Onda Cero Sur, among others.
  • In television he has worked for twenty years in TVE, with the programme 'Saber Vivir' standing out.

Author of books on Health and Dissemination

He has published seven works on scientific and medical dissemination: “Mayores con salud”, “365 días para vivir con salud”, “Las edades de la mujer”, “Guía práctica de Saber Vivir”, “Alimentos inteligentes”, “Para salir de dudas” and “Saber cuidarse”.

You can find Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes' books at “La Casa del libro”.

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