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20 May, 2024

We continue to support research on personality disorders and raise awareness of mental health

  • The founder of MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A., Mr. José Martínez Nieto, has made the annual donation to the TP CARTAGENA RM Association
  • This contribution, part of the 'MARNYS Community' CSR program, is intended for inclusive life projects in their School Workshop of Life, among other initiatives

MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A. delivered the annual contribution to the Association for Help and Research on Personality Disorders in the Region of Murcia (TP CARTAGENA RM) on Friday, May 17.

The president of the association, Aurora Mª Alifa Martínez, the social worker Blanca Laguna, and Mª Ángeles Escudero visited MARNYS facilities and were received by Mr. José Martínez Nieto, founder of MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A., and Lourdes López Díaz, responsible for CSR.

The association expressed gratitude for the support of MARNYS, as this is the fourth consecutive year that they receive this contribution. The Cartagena-based dietary supplement company is known for its commitment to the community, with various initiatives within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan. Specifically, through the 'MARNYS Community' Program, they support equal opportunities, education and safety for individuals, socio-labor integration, and assistance to disadvantaged groups.

This aid is intended to support the association's efforts in personality disorder research and in the areas of education, prevention, and awareness about mental health. Specifically, it will be allocated to the inclusive life projects of their School Workshop of Life, which aims to provide individuals with personality disorders with a broad repertoire of instrumental, cognitive, and emotional control skills. Among other activities, Art Therapy is used through the implementation of craft workshops.

Collaborate with TP CARTAGENA RM

TP CARTAGENA RM (Association for Help and Research on Personality Disorders in the Region of Murcia) is a registered association dedicated to serving individuals with Personality Disorders (PD/BPD) and their families.

The objectives are to promote research and scientific study of Personality Disorders among professionals, in order to improve training and care provided through the network of resources, both in the healthcare and social sectors, and to provide education, prevention, and awareness to society as a whole.

If you wish to collaborate with the association, you can find more information on their website.

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