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20 May, 2021

Crys Dyaz, New MARNYS® ambassadress

  • The former elite athlete of the Spanish Swimming Team and well-known personal trainer represents the #MARNYSBalancedWoman concept.

Crys Dyaz y Roberto Martínez. MARNYS


MARNYS® CEO, Roberto Martínez, has presented today in an online event the new brand Ambassador, the well-known personal trainer and physiotherapist Crys Dyaz

Crys Dyaz is a physiotherapist, personal trainer, nutrition expert and former elite athlete of the Spanish swimming team. She is currently the director of the CrysDyaz&Co sports centre, where she trains many celebrities, sportswomen and famous people such as Sara Sálamo, Blanca Suárez and Lara Álvarez, among others.

In the words of Roberto Martínez "it is a great honour to have Crys as our Ambassador. Crys is part of our philosophy and she fits in well with our values: to help people to improve their health and quality of life, and to contribute to their wellbeing".

What is it to be a #MARNYSBalancedWoman?

MARNYS® and Crys Dyaz have teamed up to raise awareness of the importance of achieving balance and wellbeing, both inside and outside, under the #MARNYSBalancedWoman concept.

In the words of Crys Dyaz: "To be a 'balanced woman' is to achieve full wellbeing in all aspects of your life. It represents me and, moreover, the essence of MARNYS® fully agrees with my philosophy of life: taking care of myself with the highest quality and having confidence in scientifically developed products, an issue I appreciate very much as a health professional".

During the presentation as brand ambassador, Crys told us how she complements her daily care to achieve this balance. "Sport and nutrition are key to the proper functioning of the body, and in order to achieve this balance and well-being, food supplements are an essential help," said the well-known celebrity trainer.

The 5 favourites of Crys Dyaz

MARNYS has more than 400 products including food supplements, natural cosmetics, sports nutrition and essential oils. The new brand ambassador has highlighted her 5 favourite products that she recommends to her patients and which she has been using for months.

Artrohelp Forte is among them "to take care of bones and joints, the engine of our body, with an extra supply of collagen and chondroitin," said Crys.  "In addition, we need to be full of energy to take on all the challenges of the day, to reach all our commitments.... For this, Royal Provite 5000 is the choice I recommend because it contains the highest concentration of pure royal jelly on the market," she said.

Both products have the same drinkable single-dose vial format, of which MARNYS® is the leading manufacturer in Europe. "In addition to being very convenient to carry and easy to take, it ensures the stability of the formula and the properties of the active ingredients are not lost", said Crys during the presentation.

The well-being of women, a link between MARNYS® and Crys Dyaz

Another common point between MARNYS® and Crys Dyaz is the care, especially for women. Women are the main consumers of MARNYS® food supplements and natural cosmetics, while in the sports centre of Crys there are many women who train every day.

During the presentation, several MARNYS® supplements for the care of women were highlighted, such as Cistomar, cranberry concentrate with fructooligosaccharides and vitamin C, for urinary well-being; the MARNYS nutricosmetic line with Beauty In & Out Elixir; as well as the MARNYS Cosmetic Oils range, such as its iconic Rosehip Oil.

"MARNYS® vegetable oils have made a place on my must-have list because of their quality and their many uses and properties. You will know them by their blue bottle, which is a seal of identity and preserves their properties without alterations", says Crys Dyaz.

Innovative technology and quality control

Both the CEO of MARNYS®, Roberto Martínez, and its new brand ambassador Crys Dyaz, have highlighted the R+D+i laboratory and the quality control of the company located in Cartagena. The personal trainer, who had the opportunity to visit the facilities last April, said that "it is a laboratory with the highest quality standards and they work with the same processes as any pharmaceutical company".

During the event, Mercedes Romera, Deputy Technical Director of MARNYS®, explained the daily work carried out in the laboratory where they develop "their own formulas according to the needs of the market and consumers, and applying innovative technology".

Such is the case of the MARNYS® Liposomal Vitamin C, VIT-C 1000. "With liposome technology, we encapsulate vitamin C in a phospholipid membrane, increasing the bioavailability of this active ingredient in the blood compared to other standard formulations," Romera explained.