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26 May, 2022

Cistomar Forte, a new supplement to help urinary wellness

  • With a convenient format in drinkable vials, this new supplement is an ally against urinary discomfort, which is usually more common in summer.
  • The food supplement laboratory has offered a workshop on urinary well-being together with the integrative gynaecologist Joan Matas, the personal trainer and physiotherapist, Crys Dyaz, and the pelvic floor specialist María Peláez.

The food supplements and natural cosmetics laboratory MARNYS has presented Cistomar Forte, a new supplement that improves urinary well-being in an innovative format in single-dose drinkable vials combining D-Mannose, Centinodia and Cranberry. With Cistomar Forte, MARNYS strengthens its CISTOMAR line, which already includes Cistomar capsules and syrup.

MARNYS CEO Roberto Martínez, together with the prestigious integrative gynaecologist Dr. Joan Matas, personal trainer and physiotherapist Crys Dyaz, and pelvic floor specialist Maria Peláez, have reminded us of the importance of urinary tract wellness throughout the year, and especially to deal with typical summer discomfort.

"We usually think that urinary system disorders are related to wearing wet swimming trunks for long periods of time or to sexual relations, but there are other causes that are more frequent in summer and that we must take into account, such as dehydration," explained Dr. Joan Matas. Moreover, he adds, "medical evidence has shown that urinary incontinence, which affects mainly women, affects the urinary tract as urine loss increases humidity in the genital area".

50% of adult women will suffer from urinary discomfort at least once in their lives.

The incidence of urinary disorders is 14 times higher in women than in men1. 1 Therefore, there is greater concern about this problem among women.

Drinking enough water, good underwear and intimate hygiene, avoiding tight-fitting clothes, not wearing wet swimwear for too long and reducing the intake of sugars and refined carbohydrates are among the main recommendations made by health experts to keep the urinary tract in good condition, especially during the summer season.

Also, doing exercises to keep the pelvic floor tone balanced has been shown to be effective in helping the urinary system to stay in good condition. In the words of personal trainer Crys Dyaz, "pelvic floor exercises or hypopressive exercises allow us to strengthen the muscles that hold up the bladder and reduce pressure on the abdomen, thus helping us to avoid urinary incontinence at any age. They are especially important for those who practice high-impact sports, such as running or cycling. The best thing to do is to include them in our daily lives in everyday situations such as lifting weights, sneezing or coughing".

In fact, at the Fem Health Unit of the CrysDyaz&Co centre, they already successfully use other MARNYS supplements for the wellbeing of women, such as Condrohelp, which helps the osteoarticular area and tissues, or Ginecoil, a moisturiser for vaginal dryness based on natural ingredients.

"In addition to exercises, through physiotherapy, with manual therapy, stretching and pelvic mobility exercises, especially for women who often suffer from them", said Maria Peláez, a specialist in pelvic floor and instructor in the Salud Fem team at CrysDyaz&Co. The experts also insist on the importance of following good habits every day.

What foods or ingredients are good for the urinary system?

Besides the above-mentioned healthy habits and the strengthening of the pelvic floor, experts agree that there are some foods and ingredients that are also beneficial. "For example, unsweetened yoghurt or other probiotics, cranberry or centinodia*, which helps to remove pathogenic bacteria that are stuck to the walls of the urinary tract," explains Dr Joan Matas.

In the case of cranberry "it is important that it has a high concentration of proanthocyanidins (PACs), as in the case of Cistomar Forte, which has 140mg of PACs per dose, as these flavonoids help to create an anti-adherent film on the epithelia of the urinary tract", says the gynaecologist, who also stresses that "when taking a cranberry supplement, it is important to pay attention to the method of evaluating the PACs; in the case of Cistomar Forte, they are measured by the BL-DMAC method, the most widely recognised method for their evaluation".

  1. Alós, J. I. Epidemiology and aetiology of community urinary tract infection. Antimicrobial sensitivity of the main pathogens and clinical significance of resistance. Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin 2005;23(Suppl. 4):3-83.*According to EFSA on hold 4462, Centinodia (Polygonum aviculare) improves urinary tract diuresis, helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the urinary tract, reduces bacterial attachment to the walls of the urinary tract and promotes well-being at the urinary tract level.

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