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Breathe Freely this Spring with MARNYS Supplements

Breathe Freely this Spring with MARNYS Supplements

Published: 22 October, 2021 - Updated: 2 February, 2024 | 1'

At MARNYS®, the specialist laboratory in natural dietary supplements and certified organic and natural cosmetics, we have two specific products that can help you cope with spring discomfort: Alerhelp and Cuminmar.


MARNYS® Alerhelp contains an exclusive combination of plant concentrates such as caper (Capparis spinosa), olive leaf, blackcurrant, ginseng, which along with everlasting and resveratrol, help with spring discomfort related to the nose and throat, as well as physical performance. In addition, Alerhelp comes in a convenient liquid format in single-dose drinking vials. It is recommended to take one vial a day before breakfast.

Cuminmar Black Cumin Oil 60 Capsules

MARNYS® Cuminmar comes in soft capsules of Black Cumin Oil obtained by cold pressing, thus preserving its natural content of Omega 6 and thymoquinone. Its action is ideal for those who want a supplement for the typical spring changes due to pollen, humidity, insects, which can cause respiratory discomfort. It is recommended to take between 2 and 8 capsules daily before meals.


Alerhelp and Cuminmar can be taken together to combine their synergistic action and increased efficiency: 1 vial of Alerhelp before breakfast and 2 capsules of Cuminmar with meals during spring.