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Losing weight is possible

Losing weight is possible

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 13 April, 2021 | 2'

Losing weight is possible, with good nutrition and dietetics. A healthy diet and physical activity improve the quality of life throughout the year.

Excesses accumulated during the summer season, during the winter with festive meals, or our taste for food and our lack of control, affect us. Getting on the scales and finding that we have gained weight can happen if we do not have an exercise, nutrition and dietetic routine to keep a healthy weight.

If you have not yet been able to get rid of those extra kilos, specialists in Nutrition and Dietetics give us the keys to achieve and keep a healthy weight all year round.

According to specialists, it is important to have five meals a day, it is not a question of saying "no" to food, but of learning how to combine food, reduce the quantities and always include physical exercise and healthy habits. This way, there is a balance between calories eaten and calories burned.

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Tips from specialists in Dietetics and Nutrition

  • It is no good to follow a diet poor in nutrients, your body will suffer and it will not work properly. It is very important, do not skip meals.
  • Have a balanced diet. The amount of vegetables, fruits and greens should be higher than the amount of carbohydrates. Salads are recommended to accompany very elaborate and heavy dishes.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks (with gas) such as soft drinks and alcohol for some time and drink between one and a half or two liters of water a day.
  • Taking herbal teas, such as pennyroyal mint or chamomile, may be interesting as they can produce a satiating effect and help us to drink more water. Sugar should not be added and laxative infusions should not be taken without medical advice.
  • Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil a day to prepare lunch and dinner, use lemon or vinegar for salads, as well as spices. And take vegetables and greens freely.
  • Reduce salt consumption, its high sodium content increases fluid retention, causing swelling and increased weight. One simple way to achieve this is to remove the salt shaker from the table to avoid any temptations.
  • Say goodbye to fats. When eating meats, make sure they are lean cuts. Fried foods and desserts made with lard, margarine or butter are not recommended. Fruits and nuts are easier to be digested and provide essential nutrients.
  • Do at least 30 minutes of any physical exercise (walking, jogging, swimming) a day. Physical exercise helps us feel fit, to burn some calories and to improve our mood. Remember that we are animals born to move and a sedentary life is our doom to obesity and depression.

Remember: have a balanced diet, avoid unhealthy foods and be constant in an exercise aerobic routine. This kind of exercise helps burn calories and increase physical endurance, as well as increase cardiovascular capacity and lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. A daily 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week, may be a good start.