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Royal jelly, the wonder juice

Royal jelly, the wonder juice

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 6 October, 2016 | 1'

Royal jelly is a fluid made of a mixture of secretions of worker bees. It is the only food eaten by the queen bee for all its life.

It represents a valuable source of B vitamins and supplies big amounts of trace elements and substances that stimulate hormone production. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids, powerful antimicrobial substances that protect royal jelly from decomposition. Among its properties are:

Some of its properties are:

  • It provides energy and is stimulating.
  • It increases mental performance in periods of stress and fatigue.
  • Its vitamin PP content can help to fight gastrointestinal conditions.
  • It postpones the apparition of premature aging.
  • Recommended for post-operative states because of its high content of vitamins,  minerals and trace elements. It also helps regain appetite.
  • Ideal for children and people who have lost their appetite and with weakened resistance to infections.

As part of its rich composition, it contains proteins and B-group vitamins, which have a revitalizing effect on body and mind.

Its content of phosphorus and sulfur makes it an important supplement to support growth and intellectual activity.

Its essential amino acids are good for general body functioning.

It provides vitamin E, specially necessary for reproduction and during pregnancy.

Although in smaller quantity, it also contains vitamin A, C and D.

It shows antiseptic and antibacterial properties that strengthen our body resistance to external aggressions. This is the reason why a lot of people take it in periods of change of  weather or just before winter in order to prevent colds and infections.
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