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Food Oils: An Endless Number of Nutrients

Food Oils: An Endless Number of Nutrients

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 6 October, 2016 | 3'


Endless nutrients for our body

Oils have been used and consumed for thousands of years. In ancient civilisations like the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman ones and in Aztec towns, seed oils became an important part of their daily diet.

Consuming this type of seeds contributed to the development of our current body cells. In present day, it is known that consuming these oils along with other substances help the body to carry out other endless and vital functions


Traditional extraction methods have been used for over hundreds of years to extract oils. However, it was essentially in the twentieth century when oil extracting and refining plants began to be grown, which use chemical solvents to make the most of the plants and seeds. The high profit obtained from using this last method versus the cold pressure extraction, has lead to applying this method in most oils produced worldwide.

Nevertheless, all the oils obtained by extraction are obtained using chemical solvents, which residues are ingested as it impossible to remove them all.

Likewise, The high temperture used in the extraction destroys the beneficial substances of the oils.

MARNYS oils are obtained using the cold pressure traditional method in order to profit from the pure oil straight from the plant.


All of our oils have common and specific properties, as well as different odor and flavor. The great amount of polyinsaturated fatty acids, also known as essential fatty acids, is a common property among them, essential for human life, cannot be synthesised by the body and must be taken in food.

Generally speaking, oils reduce toxins of animal fat (meat, butter...) and help avoid their solidification in articulations, blood vessels and contribute to a proper cardiovascular function.

They also help to reduce Very Low Density Lipoproteins. triglycerides and "bad" cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) in the blood

MARNYS is aware of the importance of food oils in our daily diet and presents a series of high quality oils obtained by cold pressure to preserve their biological properties. There are factors which will influence in one's selection, like needs and use, depending on the case. Among their specific needs are the odor and flavor.


  • As food supplement, They help to achieve an adequate cardiovascular condition and provide a great quantity and variety of essential fatty oils.
  • Use as condiment in our daily diet. These oils are highly recommended themselves and you can take them alone or combined with other oils or in addition to a great number of recipes. They make a great condiment to salads, sauces, soup, pasta, rice, cereal or toast as substitutes to butter. It must be pointed out that they are not recommended at very high temperatures as they can become biologically inactive.
  • As cell antioxydant.Essential fatty acids contribute to staying healthy in different ways. For example, they are an important supplement of cell membranes, they isolate the nerves and protect the tissues. Here is how they protect the skin from getting old prematurely and defeating free radicals

Skin-care: skin, body and hands

  • Use after bath or shower Extend a fine layer of oil on wet skin and gently massage up to favour absorption.
  • In bath water,Add spoon-fulls of oil and shake water to distribute the oil. If you wish, you can add essence drops.
  • After waxing or shaving, Massage with selected oil with fingertips right after shaving or waxing which will help to protect this zone.
  • As liquid foundation, after MARNYS cleansing milk and tonic. Gently massage up oil on skin and wait a few minutes to get absorbed before applying the make-up.
  • After mask apply oil on skin with massage, and add more oil after half an hour massaging with fingers to get deeper nurturing and moisturising results of your skin.
  • At night before bed, after having cleaned face with MARNYS cleansing milk and tonic. Massage up with oil and apply a small amount of MARNYS regenarating lotion over the oil half an hour later.