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6 perfect supplements for going back to school and routine

6 perfect supplements for going back to school and routine

Published: 18 September, 2023 | 3'

With the arrival of September, it's time to get back into the routine for the rest of the year. Waking up early, returning to school schedules, preparing for the change of season and the drop in temperatures... In short, we could say that the back to school and daily routine is a period of adjustment that involves many challenges, both for children and adults.

All of this leads to tiredness, fatigue and the typical discomforts of this time. That's why we recommend these 5 natural supplements for the whole family to start the academic year taking care of their general well-being.

Supplements for back to school for children and adolescents

Prepared for changes in rhythm

With the new routines, schedules, and excitement that children experience at the beginning of the school year, their immune system needs to be in good shape.

Protect Junior is the natural supplement for boosting the immune system of the little ones, especially during periods of intense physical activity and growth, thanks to its content of vitamin D.

In easy-to-drink vials, Protect Junior provides them with royal jelly, propolis, and 12 vitamins, for children from 4 years old and teenagers. It also has a pleasant forest fruit flavor.

Protect Junior


Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential for continuing to progress

These nutrients promote normal development and support cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and immune health.

Omega 3+6 Junior is a syrup-based supplement with a high content of vegetable omega fatty acids that contribute to the development and organic maturity of children.

It is recommended for children from 4 years old and adults, has a delicious tutti fruti flavor, and is suitable for vegans.

Omega 3+6


Supplements for getting back into the routine for adults

The extra boost of royal jelly to recharge your batteries

To resist the stress and fatigue of returning to work, Royal Provite 5000 is your ally.

It's the only product on the market with 3,850 mg of pure royal jelly combined with open pollen, propolis, and vitamin E.

This supplement in easy-to-drink vials is the perfect ally to recharge your batteries and give you that extra vitality during moments of intense physical, mental, or work activity.

Royal provite


Collagen and biotin, to maintain hair in autumn

It is well known that the skin and hair suffer a lot in summer. That's why when September arrives, two good allies are collagen, specifically hydrolyzed collagen, and biotin, a vitamin from the B group.

Nutricosmetics supplements, such as Beauty In & Out Elixir, provide a high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen and also include biotin in their exclusive formulation that works from within to provide shine and firmness to hair, skin, and nails.


Vitamin C for the immune system against seasonal changes

It is also essential for adults to maintain an optimal immune system for the return to routine.

Liposomal technology, which facilitates better absorption of active ingredients, along with its convenient format in single-dose drinkable vials, make VIT-C 1000 Liposomal Vitamin C the perfect supplement.

Vitamin C promotes the normal function of the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress in adults.

Vit-C 1000


Get ahead of winter and prepare your defenses

Returning to routine and facing seasonal changes is a challenge for adults. Propolvit Defens is a supplement that accompanies you during this period, as its ingredients provide a good balance between energy metabolism and the immune system. Each drinkable vial includes royal jelly, propolis, colostrum, reishi, shiitake, and vitamin B6.

Propolvit Defens


How to combine VIT-C 1000 and Propolvit Defens to strengthen your defenses

You can combine VIT-C 1000 and Propolvit Defens to boost your defenses, the recommendation is as follows:

  • Before breakfast, take 1 vial of VIT-C 1000.
  • After breakfast, take 1 vial of Propolvit Defens.

The supplements in this article can be taken together with others and combined with each other. If in doubt, consult your doctor or healthcare professional.