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4 MARNYS natural supplements and cosmetics in the postpartum period

4 MARNYS natural supplements and cosmetics in the postpartum period

Published: 2 April, 2024 | 3'

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes changes at all levels, and it is during the postpartum or puerperium stage that the recovery period of the body to its pre-pregnancy state begins. This period lasts around 40 days, which is why it is also known as the "quarantine," and these weeks are characterized by significant physical, mental, and social changes.

Although complete recovery may take several more weeks and depends on many factors, as it can vary greatly from one woman to another, there are processes that are usually common.

Maintaining healthy habits, a varied and balanced diet, and exercising is essential for the postpartum period. At MARNYS, we suggest these 4 products that will be useful in some of the situations that may arise during this period, such as fatigue due to sleep disruption, mood swings, the appearance of stretch marks, and vaginal discomfort.

Ferrobine MAX, maximum iron action against fatigue!

During pregnancy, it is common for iron requirements to increase, so it is beneficial, both for the future mother and the baby, to follow a diet rich in iron and to supplement with extra iron based on a doctor's or specialist's instructions.

After childbirth, iron continues to be beneficial for combating fatigue during these weeks.

Ferrobine MAX has an exclusive composition that combines Iron bisglycinate and B vitamins, which help reduce fatigue. Additionally, it contains Zinc, which facilitates energy metabolism.

Iron in the form of Ferrous Bisglycinate is better tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract than other iron solutions.

  • Single-dose drinkable vial with a cherry flavor.
  • Technology that facilitates absorption by the body.


Royal Provite 5000, your daily ally with extra vitality

The first few weeks at home with the new family member will be characterized by adapting to a new routine and giving the baby all the necessary attention, so it is common to feel exhausted.

If you and your partner need support in the new day-to-day rhythm, Royal Provite 5000 is especially indicated for special periods of fatigue and tiredness.

It contains a high concentration of pure royal jelly with 3,850 mg per vial, bee pollen, propolis, and vitamin E, and it will be the ideal companion for demanding periods, providing that extra vitality in day-to-day life.

If you are breastfeeding, it is advisable to consult your general practitioner due to its ingredients derived from bees.

  • 1 single-dose drinkable vial per day.
  • Convenient format.


Vaginal dryness? Ginecoil provides softness and hydration

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and after childbirth can affect the elasticity and integrity of vaginal tissues, causing vaginal dryness.

Stress is also a contributing factor to vaginal dryness, as it influences estrogen levels.

Ginecoil is a moisturizer indicated for vaginal dryness based on natural ingredients and is suitable for internal and external use. Its combination of ingredients provides softness and protection to the intimate area, respecting the vaginal mucosa and preserving tissue elasticity.

  • 100% natural ingredients with hyaluronic acid.
  • Relieves discomfort from vaginal dryness.
  • Suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Moisturizing care for stretch marks with Rosehip

To keep your skin in good condition, it is essential to take special care of it during pregnancy and after giving birth. This will help maintain its hydration levels and elasticity in the face of changes such as the stretching caused by the baby's growth, as well as returning to its pre-pregnancy state in the postpartum period.

Include a moisturizing care routine like Rosehip Oil in your daily routine, as it promotes the care and regeneration of the skin. Additionally, this active ingredient is especially suitable for improving the appearance of stretch marks, so it will be useful both during pregnancy (from the second trimester) and afterward.

  • 100% natural certified vegetable oil.
  • Suitable for all skin types.



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