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Our commitment to sport is another of our main goals, being our work well-known especially in the Region of Murcia, as we are one of the official sponsors of important sporting events such as the Route of the Fortresses in Cartagena, and we regularly participate in many sporting events such as the Cross de Cabo de Palos, Cross de la Artillería, Trail Vista Alegre, Caravaca Trail Experience or Carrera San Silvestre de Cartagena, among a long etcetera.

We are also sponsors of local sports clubs such as the Jimbee Cartagena Futsal, the FC Cartagena Men's Basketball Club and the Club Trial Bici Cartagena. In order to help promote sport from an early age, we are sponsors of Cartagena F.C., which has 26 teams of all ages, including around 500 children in infant and youth levels, as well as the Club Deportivo Minerva de Alumbres, with around 100 youngsters in the lower categories. Among our sponsored clubs, there is also strong support for female sport, sponsoring clubs such as Cartagena Women's Basketball Club and the Tribike Triathlon Club for women.