We bring together nature and science to take care of you


Committed to people

Contributing to the development of the environment and our community is much more than a social commitment, it is one of our main ethical values.

As part of our CSR Programme 'MARNYS COMMUNITY', we develop actions aimed at promoting equal opportunities, solidarity and the integration of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

We work with national and regional associations, such as Fundación Adecco and ASTUS, working for the integration of people with disabilities; ASTRADE association for the care of people with Autism, different NGOs such as Caritas, Red Cross, Hospitalidad Santa Teresa, Asociación Hogar el Buen Samaritano or Hermanitas de los Pobres, to which we donate annually and collaborate with ad hoc solidarity initiatives such as the collection for those affected by the hurricane DANA in September 2019, or the donation of health protection material during the Covid-19 pandemic, or the donations to those affected by the volcano in La Palma in 2021, among others.

  • Regular donations to NGOs.
  • Sponsorship, collaboration or participation in sporting events for charitable purposes.
  • Collaboration with the Red Cross for social inclusion with training practices.