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Essential oils

A fusion of wellbeing.

MARNYS® chemotyped essential oils are 100% pure, neither denatured nor blended with other oils. The chemotype is the main component of the essential oil, which defines and ensures the quality, effectiveness and safety of the essential oil.

They are extracted by steam distillation for plants, and by cold extrusion or cold pressing for citrus fruits. Thus, MARNYS® natural essential oils keep all their original properties, both aroma and flavour.

More information about essential oils

Essential oils: Where they come from and how they are used

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants or fruits, especially citrus fruits, catching their smell and taste or "essence". Each one of them is unique and distinctive for its properties that bring well-being to the human body, as some of them come from plants traditionally used in the herbalist or in the ancient Chinese medicine.

The technique used to extract essential oils is important. Those obtained by chemical processes may cause the oils to lose their properties. Steam distillation or mechanical methods such as cold pressing are the most suitable. 

Why should you buy MARNYS® Essential Oils?

Buying MARNYS® Essential Oils means buying a product with the highest quality guarantees. Ask in your local shop for more information about health and wellbeing.

MARNYS® only selects essential oils extracted by steam distillation and, as for citrus fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin), by cold extraction, which means that the essential oil is rich in plant active ingredients to provide unique and different sensations of wellbeing, as opposed to the use of synthetic fragrances.

In fact, MARNYS® essential oil bottles are made of dark-coloured glass, protecting them from light, humidity and oxygen, thus ensuring that their properties are preserved.

100% pure essential oils

All MARNYS® essential oils are 100% natural and are obtained from plants coming from all over the world to ensure raw materials with a specific biochemical composition.

They are secreted by cells found in the bark (Camphor or Bergamot), in the leaves (Basil, Tea Tree or Marjoram), in the flowers (Lavender, Lavandin or Ylang Ylang), in the roots (Ginger or Vetiver) or, in many cases, in the seeds (Star Anise, Fennel or Black Pepper).

Buy chemotyped essential oils

The chemotype corresponds to the defined chemical composition of the components of the essential oil, which ensures that each of them can be fully identified. In this way, the quality, effectiveness and safety of the essential oil is ensured.

If essential oils are chemotyped, it means that they are 100% pure and of natural origin, without being blended with other oils.

Marnys essential oils and their advantages

Food quality

MARNYS® food-grade oils are suitable for oral use and can be used to enrich dishes and recipes. Just add a few drops during the cooking of food and drinks to enhance flavour, e.g. in salads, smoothies or teas.

Synergy Collection line

MARNYS® Synergy Collection oils are specially formulated for aromatic diffusion, where each essential oil creates a different special atmosphere associated to your senses.

Aroma diffusers

Aromatic diffusion is one of the most common uses of essential oils for wellbeing due to their useful properties. By inhaling, our cerebral cortex associated with sensations and memories is intensely stimulated.

At MARNYS® we provide a range of aroma diffusers that fit perfectly with the Synergy Collection line, each one of them suitable for a specific harmony.

Where to buy MARNYS® Essential Oils?

Any of the Chemotyped Essential Oils, as well as the Synergy Collection Line or the different aroma diffusers, can be bought through our website or at the nearest shop to your home: herbalists, parapharmacies and specialised centres. You can find your nearest shop by enter your postcode in the product of your choice.