Cosmetic oils

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Cosmetic oils


were prepared to pamper even the most demanding people.
Which one is yours?

MARNYS® has selected premium plants and seeds to produce the best pure oils, body oils, massage oils and dry oils.

Pure oils

Discover its light and smooth texture.

MARNYS® Pure Oil Collection: MARNYS® 100% natural, pure plant-based oils can be used alone or with drops of essential oil, directly on to skin or as a massage oil.

Body oils

Brighten and regenerate your skin

Body Oil Collection: Body oils enriched with plant extracts and essential oils to illuminate, calm, soothe and repair skin.

Dry oils

Hydrate and protect your skin without the non-greasy feeling

MARNYS® Dry Oil Collection: Dry oils formulated to provide hydration and protection for skin without feeling greasy.

Massage oils

A feeling of wellbeing

MARNYS® Massage Oil Collection: Plant-based massage oils that hydrate and deeply soften skin without feeling greasy. Easy to use for massage. Free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and genetically modified organisms (No GMO).

Roll-On oils

Where and when you need it

MARNYS® oils in easy-to-use roll-on bottles. Great to keep in a pocket or bag.

Cosmetic essential oils

A fusion of wellbeing.

MARNYS® essential oils are 100% pure and natural and are biochemically defined and chemotyped, extracted by steam distilling or cold pressing. Essential oils can be used individually or combined to create your own blend.