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Sharing our knowledge

The importance of silicon for our health

Silicon is an element that is essential for any living being. People, animals, and even plants need this element to live. For human beings, it contributes to the formation of bone and connective tissues, and facilitates calcium deposits and other minerals in bone tissue. In addition, silicon helps improve skin, hair and nail problems, etc.

Argan Oil. It delays ageing

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging qualities and its high vitamin E content, pure argan oil is recommended to nourish and regenerate skin. It slows down aging, repairs dry, chapped hands, strengthens brittle nails, and provides intense nourishment for dry hair and skin.

The 50´s, the new 40´s

Is 50 the new 40? Professionals from different fields have asked themselves this question, and they seem to have a straight-forward answer: Yes! Reaching a certain age with a positive outlook has become a maxim for a large percentage of women, who are far from feeling invisible as the years pass by or influenced by social prejudices or because of uncomfortable menopause symptoms. They’re ready to opens doors to a new stage full of activity and new challenges.